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I haven't been very good in updating lately, and I can't even say that I'm busy. XD I'm just horribly distracted by Glee fics because the show isn't satisfying enough (and I think that due to the higher age group the show caters to, there are a lot more writers that I can tolerate and stalk) and that I need stuff to horde on while I don't have the wireless broadband stick.


I'm really just here to say that's I'm relatively doing good, even though I'm more tired lately for waking up early, and that I have something to pimp to my admittedly small group of LJ friends.

(Click the image for more details!)

Please do check it out!! ♥
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haro, gelly is still alive!

Guys, I feel so ~accomplished~! I just finished the last chapter for I Found You (no links, oh god, no, I'll spare you the horror) and posted it a while ago! It felt very nice changing the fic status to 'complete', hee! XDDD I think I'll leave it as it is until the day I suddenly decide to kill my eyes and read it over. -___-

Anyway, school is rather fine and well. I mean, if I can stay a few hours online and not feel guilty because I seriously don't have anything really important to do (and not just me in denial) then I have no complaints at all. Though I think I'll still feel a bit unsettled until I take and see the results my first Probability Statistics exam, which will probably come around early August. Until then, haha, God, thank you so much I am not regretting my decision at all. X)

The most I'm worried about as of the moment is my AME application, whut. *shot* I don't have enough breaks to finish the required hang-out time any time soon. :/

Also puupuu, have you seen the Ms. Stat photos in my FB? 8D It doesn't have a separate album, since the pics came from other people and I was just tagged. XDDD I lost, though. 2nd runner up ... or third out of four people. And I am horribly bitter about it, so just enjoy the pics and tell me how pretty I am~ XDDD
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PUUPUU I miss you ;o; Where am I? Where are you?!

Melloooooo!!! ;O;


So, anyway, update.

A week of school has gone by and I still haven't regretted changing courses, which means that so far so good. I mean, what's not to like? I wake up after about 9 hours of sleep just in time to watch Eyeshield 21 on TV (it's Tagalog dubbed, but hey, it's Eyeshield) and get driven to school. I don't have to wear those uniforms that look like they're for nurses, and the panic and dread I feel before (and during) a major subject isn't there. In fact, I still get this psuedo-coffee high, giddy 'come on lesson, go faster–I get it already. Next, next' feeling that I used to get for my basic pharmacy stat subject/Math subject that I thought was only because those were the only easy classes that I had left in the middle of all those drowning pharmacy ones.

My minor classes are great, too. Today, my Bio 1 class was supposed to have an intro for the components and manifestations of life, and what our teacher did was to make us write a poem for 30 minutes and used the other 30 minutes we had left to let selected students read their work in front (and no I wasn't called--there were like, 80 kids for the lecture class, lol). My other minor class is like a repeat of a performance class I took, though more focused on speeches and listening skills, and I think I've managed to overcome a bit of my shyness through the years...

I only have three classes per day, and go to school four times a week. Pretty light schedule, obviously, so I'm not feeling that guilty yet that I'm using the computer to read manga, still. I'm planning on being a studious kid this time, though, so control, control.

Besides, my eyesight got worse again (and I'm back to wearing contacts) so the doctor told me to limit my computer time to at most 3 hours a day... which I'm having a hard time complying to, but surely trying to busy myself with school should help. Should. D:

And I'm always tired recently. Must be from all the walking I have to do at school, and the travelling, plus all the moving I had to do when during the summer, I hardly left my position in front of the computer at all. XD

Mmm, guess that's all there is. XD I miss all of you guys, too!
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Sometimes, reading through posts about how a fan analyzes a series, about how a character differs in the manga and the anime, how this event wasted a chance for character development, how this detail in the world-building is lacking and the mangaka seems to rely on artistic license too much, it makes me feel like those fans have put much more thought into the work than the mangaka has.

It's like, I feel it's highly possible for a mangaka to produce a new chapter as a means to an end. Just to get on to a part that s/he thought up. They write/draw scenes that are the way they are because they simply want it that way, or the characters act the way they do because that's what they wanted the character to do (and of course, we accept it as canon because it's their work) and not because they were trying to be consistent or idk.

But when you ask fans, they can somehow give you the next scene and tell you why it would be like that based on the previous chapter and a few extrapolations here and there, and they can make it sound so plausible and well thought out. They can analyze characters so well, it's as if it was for a project for school... which is something I couldn't do even if it was required. o_o

I mean, it's like they can churn out this narrative and upon reading those narratives, I can't help but going 'did the mangaka even realize this. Did the mangaka really draw that because she intended for the readers to realize that?', or better yet 'why didn't the mangaka did that? What were they thinking?!'

Maybe it's because I don't put that much effort into analyzing a work (mindbreaking, I'm afraid is something that I tend to avoid causing myself too much) that I find it so amazing how other fans know their series so well, almost as if having mastered a skill or a thought so much so that they can turn it around in their heads without much effort when trying to reach a conclusion.

I'm not quite sure if I'm making any sense, but I am positive of one thing. Fans are amazing. And scary.
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you know you're bored with your paper when...

You begin writing it like this:

His father would have been happy with this turn of events. Kierkegaard, who had once neglected his theological studies in university, was re-awakened to his duty God’s servant. But then Michael died. Again, his father managed to cause another great ripple in Kierkegaard’s life. Aside from the sadness brought about by a death in one’s family, Kiekegaard had been shocked with this event because he had suspected that his father would outlive them all as his punishment, referring back to the blasphemy his father had committed as a child. But he died. And Kierkegaard took it as his father’s sacrifice for him, because he believed that his son still had many things to do. And it was, in a way, true. If Michael had not died, Kierkegaard would not have thought to finally complete his theological studies, he would not have had enough money to keep on writing and publishing his books without worrying about how to live, and surely, we would have none of his aesthetic and religious works today. And Pluto would still be a planet. Okay, not really (but who knows?).

Another very, very important relationship Kierkegaard had was the love relationship that most teenagers really only think about when they hear the word ‘relationship’. If I didn’t know what a ‘Romantic’ was in the philosophical sense, I would think that Kierkegaard never left his Romantic days, because Regine Olsen was Kierkegaard’s one and only true love. It was a May-December (ten years difference) love at first sight. Then, it turned into a stalker’s kind-of-love with Kierkegaard befriending her fiancé, making a close rapport with her family, knowing all that he could know about her, and making her his ‘spiritual protégé’. Then, after graduating, he seriously courted her and soon they got engaged. And they lived happily ever after… if only Kierkegaard did not break off their engagement, the bastard.

He loved her, he truly did, but the day after he proposed to her, he suddenly had doubts about the married lifestyle and turning normal. Also, (this is where one might blame him for thinking too hard) he realized that he and Regine had been too different, had spiritual incompatibilities, and with his character he figured that ‘he would have been unhappier with the happiness he had if he was with her than with the unhappiness he would have without her’. But he loved her, and he knew that breaking off his engagement to her would bring her misfortune, so he deliberately played the bastard’s role. It had been a dramatic fight, Regine refused to break up, saying she loved him and it almost made Soren take his words back, but no. He knew he was not destined to have a normal, married life with her. He was to passionately commit his existence to one ordeal, and it was then that ‘Kierkegaard the Author’ was truly born.


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Does this sound like a boring way to start a paper? I mean, do you think the teacher would appreciate this:

It was purely coincidental, having come across this character in my quest for a philosopher to use for this mid-term paper. I had the original intention of using a narrative prose to present a philosopher, depicting fictional events in which his philosophies would come to light, and in that vein, wanted to choose a relatively older philosopher for a possibly more abundant collection of references. With that in mind, I googled ‘old philosophers’ (I am quite serious) and somehow, it came to no surprise that I found myself in the 19th century Philosophers page in Wikipedia, and no sooner found myself considering existentialist philosophers—only because someone once gave me a copy of Straylight Run’s Existentialism on Prom Night and had the monumental idea of including that tidbit in the narrative prose, for humor’s sake. Then finally, without much thought, I settled with the first person on the article; the character named as the ‘father of existentialism’ despite the word not being coined a few decades later.

For a narrative prose to be effective, I needed to grasp his character. A biography search was then in order and heaven forbid I search Wikipedia, however helpful the site had been, for having stepped into university I had learned the grim truth of the site’s lack of credibility when it comes to the matter of referencing. It didn’t hurt to check the references noted there, however.

An e-book downloaded, more than a couple of other sites bookmarked, a ‘Fear and Trembling’ copy pasted into MS Word, and a few library books checked-out later, I figured I was ready. The plan was changed, though, and instead of using the philosopher, I intended to use other fictional characters to discuss ‘Fear and Trembling’ alongside its author.

Before delving into the actual work, I decided to read up on interpretations and whatnot regarding the philosopher first. Michael Watts (2003) provided a very helpful, detailed account of the key parts of the philosopher's life. So much so, in fact, that as a person who was planning on using a story to depict his philosophies (and an avid reader of light fiction in general) I was more than surprised to encounter such an entertaining background for a character. Prejudice led me to expect a grim, droll intellectual. A man who, upon having been encountered by students in a lecture, wouldn’t have said students hesitate to say that ‘Yup, this guy’s definitely one of those hard-core philosophers… Boring.’.